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The Moon Princess slot game by Play’n GO is an online slot inspired by the popular Sailor Moon and features anime-inspired visuals. It is packed with special features, including three princesses who harness their powers to help players win more prizes.. The game is known for its girl power theme and offers an action-packed and entertaining experience for players.

Game Provider:

Play’n GO

Release Date:

27 July 2017





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History of Moon Princess Slot Game

The Moon Princess slot game, developed by Play’n GO, was released in 2017 and quickly caught the attention of slot enthusiasts around the world. Inspired by the popular manga and anime culture, it brought a fresh, thematic experience to the online casino world. 

The game distinguishes itself by integrating elements of Japanese pop culture with innovative slot mechanics, setting a new benchmark for themed slots. 

Play’n GO, a Swedish game developer known for its high-quality and innovative slots, aimed to blend unique gameplay with an engaging narrative, making Moon Princess not just a slot game but an experience.

Over the years, it has become one of Play’n GO slot flagship games, celebrated for its distinctive approach to game design and its appeal to fans of manga and anime, as well as to a broader audience seeking diverse slot experiences.

Moon Princess Slot Game Mechanics

Moon Princess slot game features a 5×5 grid where wins are achieved through a cluster pays mechanism, a departure from traditional paylines.

Players win by matching three or more symbols either horizontally or vertically, with the symbols involved in wins disappearing, allowing new ones to fall into place and potentially create more wins. This cascading feature, combined with an increasing multiplier for consecutive wins within a single spin, adds depth to the gameplay. 

The game is known for its high volatility, meaning that while wins can be less frequent, they have the potential to be substantial. 

Unique to Moon Princess are the three princesses — Love, Star, and Storm — each with special abilities that can randomly trigger on non-winning spins to alter the board and create opportunities for wins.

Moon Princess Slot Theme, Graphics, and Sounds

Moon Princess slot free play game is heavily inspired by the charm of manga and anime, featuring a colourful and vibrant design that captures the essence of its thematic inspiration. 

The game’s graphics are a testament to Play’n GO’s attention to detail, with each princess designed with a unique appearance and personality, reflecting their special powers. 

The backdrop and symbols are adorned with elements reminiscent of Japanese culture, blending traditional and modern motifs. 

The sound design complements the visual aesthetics perfectly, with an energetic soundtrack that reflects the action on the reels, and sound effects that enhance the game’s magical feel. 

Animations are smooth and contribute to the narrative of the princesses’ adventures, making every spin a part of the unfolding story. The interface is user-friendly, ensuring that both new and experienced players can easily navigate through the game.

Moon Princess Slot Symbols and Special Features

The Moon Princess slot game is adorned with a variety of symbols and special features that add to its appeal and gameplay dynamics. 

  • Moon Wild Symbol: The Moon acts as the wild symbol, substituting for all other symbols to help create winning combinations. 
  • Princess Symbols: Love, Star, and Storm are the high-value symbols, each representing one of the game’s princesses. These symbols can trigger specific modifiers during the gameplay.
  • Lower Value Symbols: Consisting of stars, hearts, bells, and other magical items, these symbols complement the higher-value characters and are essential for forming winning combinations in the absence of princess or wild symbols.
  • Girl Power Feature: Triggered randomly on non-winning spins, this feature allows each princess to use her unique power to affect the grid – Love transforms symbols, Star adds wilds, and Storm removes symbols, enhancing winning potential.
  • Princess Trinity Feature: Filling up the metre on the left side of the screen triggers this feature, where all three princesses combine their powers in a single free spin, offering a chance for significant wins.

Moon Princess Slot Game's Bonus Features

Moon Princess slot demo game is rich in bonus features that elevate the excitement and potential for big wins:

  • Free Spins: Activated by clearing the entire grid of symbols, players can choose from three different free spins options, each associated with one of the princesses and their unique abilities. 
  • Increasing Multiplier: During both the base game and free spins, consecutive wins increase the multiplier, enhancing the potential payout of each spin.
  • Clear the Grid Bonus: Achieving a complete clear of the grid awards an instant win, adding an extra layer of excitement as players work towards clearing the screen of all symbols.

Moon Princess Slot Advantages and Disadvantages

Every slot game has its strengths and weaknesses, and Moon Princess is no exception. This Moon Princess slot review lists down the game’s advantages and disadvantages to consider:


✅ Unique Gameplay Mechanics: The absence of traditional paylines and the introduction of a grid system with cascading wins offer a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

✅ High Volatility: This can lead to significant payouts, especially when the special features and multipliers align in the player’s favour.

✅ Special Features: The variety of features, including Girl Power and free spins, keeps the gameplay interesting and dynamic.

✅ Mobile Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly across devices, players can enjoy Moon Princess on both desktop and mobile platforms.


❌ Complex for Beginners: The game’s unique mechanics and multitude of features might overwhelm new players unfamiliar with such slot configurations.

❌ Limited Betting Range: Some players might find the betting range restrictive, especially high rollers looking for more substantial betting options.

❌ Theme Specificity: The anime theme, while a strength for fans of the genre, might not appeal to all players, limiting its broader appeal.

How to Play Moon Princess Slot Online

Sign Up or Log In

First, you need to have an account with BP9 or the platform you choose to play on.


Deposit Funds

Go to the deposit section, choose your preferred payment method, and follow the instructions to add money to your account.


Find the Game

Once your account is funded, go to the casino section and use the search function to find the Moon Princess slot.


Choose Your Bet

Before spinning the reels, you need to set your bet amount. 


Understand the Rules

Take a moment to review the rules, usually accessible within the game, to enhance your playing strategy.


Start Playing

With your bet set and the rules understood, you’re ready to start playing. Click the spin button to begin and watch the symbols cascade. 

How to Win Moon Princess Slot

  • Maximise the Girl Power Feature: Pay attention to which princess is active and anticipate how her power can create potential wins​​​​. Strategically leveraging these abilities during gameplay can enhance your chances of winning. 
  • Aim for the Princess Trinity Feature: Successfully activating this feature grants a free spin where all three princesses use their abilities in succession, significantly increasing the chance of clearing the board and triggering the free spins bonus​​​​.
  • Strategically Choose Your Free Spins: Consider your gameplay strategy and the current multiplier level to decide which princess can offer the most benefit​​​​.
  • Monitor the Multiplier: Consecutive wins increase your multiplier, which can drastically enhance your payout during a prolonged win streak. Keep this in mind and try to sustain win streaks to maximise the multiplier effect​​​​.
  • Practice in Demo Mode: Before playing with real money, take advantage of the demo mode to familiarise yourself with the game mechanics, features, and the impact of different choices during the free spins round. 


The Princess Trinity metre fills up with each winning combination involving any of the princess symbols. Once the metre is fully charged, it triggers the Princess Trinity feature, granting a free spin where all three princesses activate their unique abilities in sequence to help create more wins.

Yes, you can trigger additional free spins during the free spins round in Moon Princess. This is achieved by filling up the metre during the free spins. The specific number of additional spins awarded varies based on the princess selected, with Love, Star, and Storm each offering a different number of extra spins​​​​.

Selecting the best princess during the free spins feature depends on your game strategy and the situation. Consider your current multiplier and which ability might best complement your chances of winning big or clearing the grid​​​​.

Yes, there is a maximum win limit in Moon Princess Slot. The game caps the maximum win at 5,000 times the player’s bet. This win cap ensures a balance between high volatility and rewarding gameplay​.