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Count Jokula is a Play’n GO slot game that blends the classic joker slots with a vampire theme. The game offers a mix of traditional and thematic symbols that contribute to its unique charm​​​​. It adds a humorous touch to Play’n GO’s Joker series, offering a fresh take on the classic slot setup.

Game Provider:

Play’n GO

Release Date:

27 October 2022





Max Win:




History of Count Jokula Slot Game

Count Jokula from Play’n GO, released in October 2022, enriches the developer’s portfolio with a unique blend of humour and horror. This game follows the success of Play’n GO’s Joker series, introducing a vampire-themed twist to the classic slot formula. 


Designed to captivate players with a mix of classic gameplay and thematic innovation, Count Jokula combines the charm of vintage slots with modern features. The release was timed perfectly to appeal to players looking for seasonal thrills around Halloween, yet its engaging mechanics ensure it remains a favourite year-round. 


By adopting a widely beloved theme and incorporating distinctive features, Play’n GO aimed to attract both fans of traditional slots and those seeking something novel.

Count Jokula Slot Game Mechanics

Count Jokula slot demo operates on a 3×3 reel set, offering a compact yet dynamic gaming experience with 5 fixed paylines. It features medium volatility, balancing the frequency and size of wins to cater to a wide player base. 

The game introduces unique mechanics, such as the Shapeshifter feature, where non-winning spins can still turn into wins with the transformation of bat symbols into wilds. 

The Respins of Evil, another standout feature, engages players with the potential for sequential wins and increasing multipliers. The betting range is designed to be inclusive, allowing for stakes from 0.05 to 100 units, accommodating casual players and high rollers alike.

Count Jokula Slot Theme, Graphics, and Sounds

The theme of Count Jokula slot free play is a playful take on the vampire myth, set against the backdrop of a spooky, moonlit castle. 

The graphics are vibrant and cartoonish, with symbols ranging from classic fruits to thematic icons like goblets and daggers, all designed with a Gothic twist. The titular character, Count Jokula, is rendered with a charming mix of menace and mirth, embodying the game’s lighthearted approach to the horror genre. 

The soundtrack and sound effects further enhance the thematic atmosphere, with eerie melodies and whimsical sounds that immerse players in the vampire’s lair. Ambient noises add depth to the gameplay, with the occasional bat flutter and distant howl complementing the visual experience.

Count Jokula Slot Symbols and Special Features

Count Jokula slot game incorporates a variety of symbols and special features that align with its playful yet spooky theme:

  • Classic Fruit Symbols: Lower-paying symbols include lemons, cherries, plums, and grapes, adorned with a Gothic flair to match the game’s aesthetic.
  • Thematic Higher-Paying Symbols: Goblets, knives, and the Count himself represent higher-value symbols, offering bigger payouts.
  • Wild Symbol – Count Jokula: Acts as a substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations, embodying the game’s central character and key feature.
  • Shapeshifting Bat Feature: A unique aspect where a bat symbol can transform into a wild Count Jokula if it lands on a non-winning spin, potentially turning a loss into a win.

Count Jokula Slot Games Bonus Features

The game is enriched with engaging bonus features that elevate the gameplay:

  • Respins of Evil: Triggered by landing a Joker Wild symbol, this feature awards a respin with the Wild remaining in place. Consecutive wins during respins increase the multiplier, enhancing the potential for substantial rewards.
  • Progressive Multipliers: During the Respins of Evil, each win can unlock a higher multiplier, up to a maximum of 15x, applied to subsequent wins, resetting upon a non-winning spin.

Count Jokula Slot Advantages and Disadvantages

This Count Jokula slot review lists down the game’s pros and cons:


✅Unique Theme and Gameplay: The vampire-themed game with a humorous twist provides a fresh take on the classic slot formula.

✅Innovative Shapeshifter Feature: The bat symbol that can transform into a Joker Wild adds an element of surprise and strategy.

✅Respins of Evil with Progressive Multipliers: This feature not only extends gameplay without additional bets but also increases the excitement with each consecutive win.

✅Accessible Betting Range: With bets ranging from 0.05 to 100 units, the game caters to both casual players and high rollers.

✅High Maximum Win Potential: The possibility of winning up to 8,350 times the bet offers significant appeal.


❌Limited Paylines on a 3×3 Grid: With only 5 paylines, the game might not offer as many winning combinations as larger slots.

❌Lack of Free Spins or Bonus Rounds: Some players may miss the excitement of triggering a free spins round or other elaborate bonus features commonly found in other slots​​​​.

❌Theme Specificity: While the unique vampire theme is a draw, it might not appeal to all players, especially those not interested in horror or Halloween-themed games​​​​.

How to Play Count Jokula Slot Online

How to Play Count Jokula Slot Game Online

Go to BP9 Online Casino

BP9 is a reputable online casino that offers fair play for Count Jokula.


Register Your Account

Sign up at BP9 by filling out the required details.


Deposit Funds: 

Log into your BP9 casino account and make a deposit using one of the casino’s secure payment methods. 


Find the Game

Use the casino’s search function to locate Count Jokula.


Set Your Bet

Before spinning, adjust your bet size to fit your budget. 


Start Playing

Press the spin button to begin.

How to Win Count Jokula Slot

How to Win Count Jokula Slot Game

  • Utilise the Shapeshifter Feature: Pay attention to bat symbols on non-winning spins, as they can transform into Joker Wilds, turning potential losses into wins. 
  • Aim for Joker Wilds on the Middle Reel: Focus on this strategy to initiate respins and increase your chances for multipliers and extended play without additional bets.
  • Monitor Progressive Multipliers: During the Respins of Evil, each win increases your multiplier. Strategically aiming for consecutive wins can escalate the multiplier value.
  • Bet Wisely: Given the game’s medium volatility, balance your bets to sustain longer play sessions. This approach maximises your chances to trigger the game’s special features and capitalise on its winning potential.
  • Understand Paytable and Symbols: Familiarise yourself with the game’s paytable. Knowing which combinations offer higher payouts can inform your betting strategy.


The Shapeshifter feature transforms bat symbols into Joker Wilds on non-winning spins, potentially creating winning combinations where none existed before. 

In Count Jokula, the Respins of Evil feature allows for multipliers to increase with each consecutive win during a respin sequence, up to a potential maximum of 15x. 

Landing an additional Joker Wild symbol during a respin will extend the sequence or increase the multiplier.