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Blobsters Clusterbuster is a Red Tiger slot game, known for its playful alien theme and innovative gameplay. The game is filled with cute, colourful alien characters and includes several bonus features that enhance the playing experience. 

Game Provider:

Red Tiger

Release Date:

16 February 2023





Max Win:



Cluster pays


History of Blobsters Clusterbuster

Blobsters Clusterbuster slot game by Red Tiger Gaming integrates playful and engaging alien themes with innovative gameplay mechanics. Launched in 2023, this game expands the Clusterbuster series. 

The game distinguishes itself by offering a fresh narrative centred around friendly alien blobs, diverging from traditional slot motifs to capture the imagination of players seeking novelty and fun. 

This instalment builds on the success of its predecessors by pushing the boundaries of conventional slot design, incorporating a larger grid and cluster pays to create a dynamic gaming environment.

Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Game Mechanics

Blobsters Clusterbuster free demo slot games operate on a 9×9 grid, utilising a cluster pays system that diverges from traditional payline structures, where wins are achieved by forming clusters of matching symbols.

The centrepiece of the game is the innovative Clusterbuster feature, anchored by a 3×3 UFO symbol that activates various modifiers when winning clusters form adjacent to it. This not only adds a strategic layer to the gameplay but also serves as a focal point for triggering the game’s bonus features. 

Players navigate through the game by unlocking modifiers such as Upgrader, Frenzy, and Supersize, each offering different ways to enhance winning potential through symbol upgrades, wild transformations, and supersized symbols.

The Invader Spins bonus round is a key feature, providing free spins with an increased occurrence of modifiers and a global win multiplier, escalating the excitement and chances for substantial wins. 

The game’s design cleverly integrates the unlocking of modifiers with the progression through the UFO’s lights, adding an element of achievement as players advance.

Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Theme, Graphics, and Sounds

Set against the backdrop of a whimsical alien world, Blobsters Clusterbuster immerses players in a vibrant landscape populated by colourful, blob-like aliens. 

The game’s theme is executed with a playful charm, employing bright colours and fluid animations to bring the alien characters and their environment to life. The graphics are a standout feature, with detailed symbols and an animated UFO that adds depth to the game’s central mechanic. 

The soundscape complements the visuals perfectly, with a light-hearted soundtrack and effects that enhance the playful atmosphere without overwhelming the player. Ambient noises and character sounds further enrich the gaming experience, creating an immersive world that feels alive and interactive. 

The result is a slot game that stands out for its ability to transport players into a charming alien adventure, marked by creativity, humour, and the pursuit of intergalactic treasures.

Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Symbols and Special Features

Blobsters Clusterbuster is a vibrant, alien-themed slot with a variety of symbols and features that enhance gameplay:

  • Low-Paying Symbols: The game includes traditional card values (10, J, Q, K, A) as its lower-paying symbols, providing frequent but smaller wins​​.
  • High-Paying Symbols: Four colourful space monsters (blue, green, pink, yellow) represent the higher-value symbols, offering larger payouts when clustered together​​.
  • Special Symbols:
    • Upgrader: Transforms lower-value symbols on the board into higher-value ones, enhancing win potential​​.
    • Frenzy: Converts 5 to 20 random symbols into wilds, increasing the chances of forming winning clusters​​​​.
    • Supersize: Enlarges 2-4 random high-paying symbols or Wilds into 3×3 Super Symbols, which count as nine regular-sized symbols, boosting win opportunities​​​​.
    • Wilds: Serve as substitutes for all paying symbols, potentially carrying win multipliers of 3x, 7x, and 12x when the Clusterbuster feature is active​​.

Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Games Bonus Features

The game’s bonus features revolve around the innovative Clusterbuster theme and include:

  • Clusterbuster Mechanic: A 3×3 UFO in the centre that unlocks to reveal prizes when adjacent tiles are activated by winning clusters​​.

Invader Spins: Awarded after unlocking all features, providing free spins with an increased chance of modifiers and the possibility to win substantial multipliers​​​​.

Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Advantages and Disadvantages

Blobsters Clusterbuster offers players with the following pros and cons:


✅Dynamic Bonus Modifiers: With modifiers like Upgrader, Frenzy, and Supersize, Blobsters Clusterbuster offers a gameplay experience full of surprises. Each modifier significantly alters the game dynamics and enhances win potential​​.

✅Engaging Theme and High-Quality Graphics: Set against a backdrop of an alien world, the game’s theme is both playful and visually captivating. The high-quality graphics and cute, blob-like alien characters are designed to appeal to a broad audience.

✅Substantial Max Win Potential: The game promises a max win of up to 7,517 times the stake, catering to those chasing significant payouts. 

✅ Invader Spins with Multipliers: The Invader Spins bonus round increases the chances of a higher payout and adds a thrilling layer to the gameplay as players anticipate activating multipliers​​.


❌Fixed RTP with Variability: The RTP of 95.7% is fixed but on the lower end of the industry average, potentially affecting long-term payouts. 

❌Limited Betting Range: High rollers or players preferring larger stakes might find the betting range somewhat restrictive.

❌No Progressive Jackpot: The absence of a progressive jackpot might detract players who prefer the a continuously growing jackpot prize.

How to Play Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Online

How to Play Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Game Online

Go to BP9

BP9 casino offers Red Tiger Gaming slots, including Blobsters Clusterbuster.


Register and Deposit

Sign up at the casino, complete any necessary verification steps, and deposit funds into your account.


Find the game on BP9

Search Blobsters Clusterbuster and open the game.


Set Your Bet

Adjust your bet size according to your budget.


Review the Paytable and Features

Know the paytable, understand the value of different symbols and how the game’s special features work.


Start Playing

Press the spin button to begin the game. 


How to Win Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot

How to Win Blobsters Clusterbuster Slot Game

  • Aim for Cluster Wins: Focus on forming clusters of matching symbols, as this is the primary way to win in the game. Larger clusters result in higher payouts.
  • Unlock the Clusterbuster Feature: Winning clusters adjacent to the central 3×3 UFO (Clusterbuster) unlock tiles. Aim to light up all the inactive tiles to reveal and activate the special prizes within.
  • Use Special Modifiers: Pay attention to the modifiers unlocked by the Clusterbuster feature – Upgrader, Frenzy, and Supersize.
  • Trigger Invader Spins: After unlocking all features from the Clusterbuster, Invader Spins are activated. This bonus round provides free spins and the chance to win increased multipliers.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Given the game’s high volatility, manage your bets wisely to sustain longer play sessions. 



Yes, Blobsters Clusterbuster is optimised for mobile play. Red Tiger ensures this game is built using HTML5 technology for seamless gaming experience across all platforms.

Due to its cluster pays mechanism and the presence of dynamic modifiers such as Frenzy and Supersize, players can experience sequences of consecutive wins, especially when these features transform symbols into wilds or supersized versions.

Blobsters Clusterbuster differentiates itself with its lighthearted and colourful take on the alien theme, featuring cute, blob-like alien characters and a playful design rather than the usually serious or sci-fi-heavy alien themes in other slots.

Blobsters Clusterbuster stands out with its Clusterbuster feature, which provides a unique game mechanic of unlocking a central feature block for bonuses.