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The Big Prosperity is an online video slot game developed by Spadegaming. It features 5 reels and 3 rows with 15 paylines. The game includes main features such as Wild symbols, Free Spins, and a Jackpot. Players can enjoy the game by clicking and spinning the reels to potentially win big cash prizes.

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31 January 2016





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History of Big Prosperity Slot Game

Big Prosperity was introduced to the online casino world by Spadegaming on January 31, 2016, marking another addition to their extensive portfolio of Asian-themed slots. This game quickly became notable for its high RTP appealing to players looking for games with better payout potentials. 

It has maintained its appeal among enthusiasts of Asian culture and those attracted to games with visually striking themes and potentially lucrative features. The slot’s incorporation of traditional symbols and the theme of wealth and prosperity resonate well with its target audience, contributing to its sustained popularity. 

Despite the competitive market, Big Prosperity has carved out its niche, thanks to Spadegaming’s reputation for producing quality slots that combine traditional themes with modern gameplay mechanics​​​​.

Big Prosperity Slot Game Mechanics

Big Prosperity, a Spadegaming slot game, is structured around a 5×3 reel layout, featuring 15 adjustable paylines that give players control over their betting strategies. The game’s medium volatility strikes a balance between the frequency of wins and the payout sizes, catering to a wide range of players from cautious to those willing to take moderate risks. 

Bets can be customised through adjustable coin values and the number of coins per line, allowing for a tailored gaming experience that suits various budgets and playing styles. 

The inclusion of a wild symbol, represented by Caishen, enhances winning potential by substituting for other symbols, except for the scatter, to complete winning combinations. Scatter symbols activate the free spins bonus feature, providing additional opportunities for substantial wins. 

The free spins round is particularly notable for its potential to award up to 20 free spins with multipliers up to 6x, amplifying the excitement and reward. 

Additionally, the game features a gamble option, where players can double their winnings through a classic card prediction game, adding an extra layer of thrill to the gameplay​​​​​​.

Big Prosperity Slot Theme, Graphics, and Sounds

Big Prosperity Spadegaming APK game immerses players in a visually captivating experience with its Asian theme, richly embodied through symbols and backgrounds that celebrate Chinese culture and the universal aspiration for wealth. 

The graphics are vibrant and detailed, featuring iconic symbols such as golden pots, lions, and coins, all designed to evoke feelings of opulence and good fortune. The game’s colour scheme predominantly features red and gold, colours traditionally associated with luck, prosperity, and joy in Chinese culture. 

While the slot does not have an intricate soundtrack, the sound effects during spins, wins, and triggered features complement the theme and enhance the overall immersive experience. The animation quality is smooth, ensuring that the visual appeal is maintained across all devices, including desktop and mobile. 

Big Prosperity stands out for its ability to combine Spadegaming’s trademark strong visuals with gameplay that is both fun and potentially rewarding.

Big Prosperity Slot Symbols and Special Features

Big Prosperity slot is adorned with symbols and features that echo its Asian theme of wealth and prosperity, alongside engaging gameplay mechanics. 

  • Wild Symbol (Caishen): The wild symbol is represented by Caishen, the Chinese god of wealth, who substitutes for any other symbols apart from the scatter.
  • Scatter Symbol (Chinese Symbol): Landing just two of these symbols anywhere on the reels results in a cash award, with three or more triggering the Free Spins bonus feature.

Big Prosperity Slot Games Bonus Features

Big Prosperity, a Spadegaming demo slot game, is enriched with bonus features that can significantly increase winning potential:

  • Free Spins with Treasure Chest Selection: Upon triggering the Free Spins feature by landing three or more scatter symbols, players are taken to a new screen filled with treasure chests. Selecting a chest reveals the number of free spins awarded, up to a maximum of 20​​.
  • Multiplier Selection with Golden Nuggets: After selecting the number of free spins, players choose from a selection of golden nuggets to uncover their multiplier award, which can be worth up to 6x.
  • Gamble Feature: Available during manual spins, this feature allows players to potentially double their win by guessing the outcome of a card draw.

Big Prosperity Slot Advantages and Disadvantages

Big Prosperity slot offers a mix of appealing attributes and areas that could be improved, providing a unique gaming experience:


✅Unique Theme: Big Prosperity stands out with its Asian prosperity theme, offering players a culturally rich gaming experience not found in many Western-themed slots​​​​.

✅Free Spins with Multipliers: The free spins feature is not just a standard offering; it includes the added excitement of selecting treasure chests and golden nuggets for additional free spins and multipliers.

✅Detailed Paytable: The game provides a comprehensive paytable, helping players understand the value of each symbol and the mechanics of bonus features.

✅Gamble Feature for Bigger Wins: For players who enjoy an additional risk for a greater reward, the gamble feature allows a chance to double winnings.


❌No Innovative Bonus Rounds: While Big Prosperity includes free spins and a gamble feature, it lacks more innovative bonus rounds found in newer slots, which might limit its appeal to players seeking novelty​​.

❌Limited Appeal Beyond Theme Fans: The game’s specific focus on an Asian prosperity theme might not appeal to players who prefer different thematic elements or narratives in their slot games​​​​.

❌Graphics May Not Appeal to All: While visually stunning, the graphics are heavily themed and may not appeal to players who prefer more modern or abstract designs in their slot games​​​​.

How to Play Big Prosperity Slot Online

How to Play Big Prosperity Slot Game Online

Go to BP9 Casino

BP9 hosts Spadegaming slots. It is licensed and offers Big Prosperity in its game library.


Register and Deposit

Create an account by following the casino’s registration process, then deposit funds using your preferred payment method.


Find the Game

Use the casino’s search function to locate Big Prosperity. It might be categorised under slots or specifically under Spadegaming titles.


Check the Game Info

Before playing, review the game’s rules, paytable, and features to understand how wins are generated and what special symbols to look out for.


Adjust Your Bet

 Set your betting level using the game’s interface. 


Hit Play

Spin the reels either manually or using the auto-play feature, if available. Always play responsibly, keeping an eye on your balance and setting limits if necessary.

How to Win Big Prosperity Slot

How to Win Big Prosperity Slot Game

  • Maximise Scatter Symbol Wins: Big Prosperity rewards players not just with free spins but also with cash awards for landing two or more scatter symbols. Prioritise spins that have a higher likelihood of dropping scatter symbols on the reels. 
  • Strategic Bet Adjustment for Free Spins: When you’re close to hitting the free spins round (which can sometimes be sensed after a long dry spell or by tracking your spins), consider slightly increasing your bet. 
  • Leverage the Wilds for Bigger Wins: Adjust your betting strategy to maintain play until these symbols appear more frequently. Wilds are particularly valuable during free spins, where they can multiply your wins further.
  • Gamble Feature with Caution: Engage the gamble feature for smaller wins where the risk is manageable. This feature, while risky, can double or quadruple your winnings.
  • Treasure Chest and Golden Nugget Selection During Free Spins: When you activate the free spins feature, you’re prompted to select treasure chests and golden nuggets to reveal the number of free spins and the multiplier. 


In Big Prosperity, the wild symbol is represented by Caishen, the Chinese god of wealth, which not only substitutes for other symbols to form winning combinations but also may carry unique multipliers or special features during gameplay.

Triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols, the Free Spins feature in Big Prosperity includes a pre-round selection process involving treasure chests and golden nuggets, determining the number of free spins and the multiplier value, adding a layer of interactivity and excitement.

In slots like Big Prosperity, free spins can often be retriggered by landing additional scatter symbols during the free spins rounds, though specific games may have limits on the number of times this can occur.