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Legion Gold is a Play’n GO slot game set during the Roman Empire. The game presents a battlefield where players vie for ancient treasures. It is made to suit a wide range of players, from casual gamers to those looking for significant wins.

Game Provider:

Play’n GO

Release Date:

9 February 2022





Max Win:




History of Legion Gold Slot Game

Legion Gold by Play’n GO, released on February 9, 2023, offers players a journey back to the Roman Empire, emphasising the grandeur and battle prowess of Rome’s legions. 

This game builds on the rich tradition of Roman-themed slots, aiming to captivate players with historical adventures and the quest for ancient treasures. 

As part of Play’n GO’s diverse portfolio, Legion Gold combines traditional slot mechanics with innovative features to enhance player engagement and retention. The game’s launch was met with anticipation from fans of historical and adventure slots, seeking to experience the might of Roman legions and the wealth they amassed.

Legion Gold Slot Game Mechanics

Legion Gold slot game operates on a 5×3 reel structure, offering 25 paylines for players to win. The game is classified with medium volatility, balancing the risk and reward to cater to a wide range of slot enthusiasts. 

It features an RTP of 96.23%, indicating a favourable return to players over time. Players can engage with the game through a variety of bet sizes,making it accessible to both casual players and high rollers. 

Key features of the game include Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Gold Coin Symbols leading to Gold Re-Spins, and Mega Free Spins, enriching the gameplay with multiple ways to achieve significant wins.

The Gold Re-Spins feature is particularly notable, as it allows players to collect gold coins with cash values, potentially leading to the game’s max win of 2000x the bet. The introduction of Mega Free Spins, featuring a 3×3 Mega Symbol that moves across the reels, offers a unique twist, ensuring dynamic and engaging play sessions​​​​.

Legion Gold Slot Theme, Graphics, and Sounds

Set against the backdrop of the Roman Empire, Legion Gold slot demo immerses players in the world of Roman legions, complete with grand buildings and battle-ready warriors. 

The game’s graphics are meticulously designed to evoke the majesty of Rome, featuring symbols such as vultures, barking dogs, horses, and bears adorned with golden headgear, alongside traditional card symbols. The higher-paying symbols, characterised by their detailed artwork, transport players to a time of gladiatorial combat and imperial conquest. 

The sound design complements the visuals perfectly, with a soundtrack that underscores the epic nature of the game’s setting and the suspense of spinning the reels. Ambient sounds further enhance the immersion, drawing players into the ancient world of Rome’s arenas and battlefields. 

The user interface is intuitively designed, ensuring smooth navigation and gameplay on desktops, notepads, and mobile devices.

Legion Gold Slot Symbols and Special Features

Legion Gold slot free play incorporates a rich array of symbols and special features that align with its Roman Empire theme:

  • Lower-Paying Symbols: Typically, these include card symbols like J, Q, K, and A, designed with a Roman aesthetic to fit the theme. 
  • Higher-Paying Symbols: Thematic symbols such as a vulture, a barking dog, a horse, and a bear adorned in Roman battle gear represent higher-value symbols.
  • Wild Symbol: A Roman warrior, likely serving as the Wild, substitutes for all other symbols to help form winning combinations and can pay out significantly when matched.
  • Gold Coin Symbol: Unique to Legion Gold, these symbols carry cash values and play a crucial role in triggering the Gold Re-Spins feature, offering direct cash rewards when collected.

Legion Gold Slot Games Bonus Features

The game is enriched with engaging bonus features that elevate the gameplay:

  • Gold Re-Spins: Triggered by landing six Gold Coin symbols, this feature locks the coins in place while the reels respin, offering players the chance to accumulate more coins and potentially win a substantial payout.
  • Mega Free Spins: Activating this feature provides players with free spins that include a 3×3 Mega Symbol.

Legion Gold Slot Advantages and Disadvantages

This Legion Gold slot review has determined the following pros and cons for the game:


✅Immersive Historical Theme: Legion Gold offers players a deep dive into the Roman Empire era, enriched with symbols and characters that evoke the grandeur of Roman legions, appealing to history enthusiasts​​.

✅Innovative Bonus Features: The game introduces unique features such as Gold Re-Spins and Mega Free Spins, which not only enhance the gaming experience but also increase the chances of significant wins.

✅Accessible to a Wide Range of Players: Legion Gold caters to both casual players and high rollers. It’s accessible regardless of budget​​.

✅Quality Visuals and Soundtrack: Play’n GO’s reputation for creating slots with high-quality graphics and engaging soundtracks is evident in Legion Gold, providing an immersive playing experience that captivates players​​.


❌Limited Paylines: With 25 paylines, some players might find the winning combinations less diverse compared to slots with more paylines or ways to win.

❌No Progressive Jackpot: The absence of a progressive jackpot might deter players who prefer slots with continuously growing win potentials, as Legion Gold offers a fixed max win amount​​.

❌Requires Patience for Big Wins: Given the medium volatility and the nature of the bonus features, players may need to invest more time and spins to hit the larger payouts.

How to Play Legion Gold Slot Online

How to Play Legion Gold Slot Game Online

Visit BP9 Website

BP9 hosts Legion Gold among its offerings. It’s a trusted site with games from Play’n GO.


Register and Make a Deposit

Sign up at BP9, complete any necessary verification, and deposit funds.


Search for Legion Gold

Locate the game in the casino’s library, under the Play’n GO slots. 


Set Your Betting Strategy

Determine your bet size within the game’s range. Consider the balance between your budget and the potential to activate game features.


Learn the Game’s Features

Familiarise yourself with Legion Gold’s rules and bonus features, especially the Gold Re-Spins and Mega Free Spins.


Click Play

Begin your gameplay, immersing yourself in the Roman-themed adventure, and manage your bankroll responsibly to enjoy a prolonged and entertaining gaming session.


How to Win Legion Gold Slot

How to Win Legion Gold Slot Game

  • Prioritise Gold Coin Collection: Focus on gathering six Gold Coin symbols to trigger the lucrative Gold Re-Spins feature.
  • Leverage the Scatter Symbols: Aim to land three Scatter Symbols to activate the Mega Free Spins, where the inclusion of a 3×3 Mega Symbol significantly enhances the possibility of securing substantial wins.
  • Maximise Wild Symbol Use: The Wild Symbol, depicted by a Roman warrior, is vital for substituting other symbols to form winning combinations, especially valuable during the Mega Free Spins with potential multipliers.
  • Adapt Your Betting Plan: With the game’s medium volatility in mind, adjust your bets to ensure a balance between chasing significant wins and maintaining a steady bankroll for more gameplay opportunities.
  • Understand Symbol Values: Recognize the higher-paying symbols, such as the vulture, dog, horse, and bear, and how they compare to the transformative power of the Wilds and Scatters, to better strategize your spins.



The Mega Free Spins feature is triggered when you land three Scatter Symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. This grants you 5 Mega Free Spins, where a 3×3 Mega Symbol can significantly boost your chances of winning.

In Legion Gold, the Wild Symbol can substitute for regular paying symbols to help form winning combinations but not for special symbols like the Gold Coin or Scatter Symbols, which are used to trigger specific features.

Yes, Legion Gold is designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices, offering a seamless gaming experience across desktops, and smartphones.

The Gold Re-Spins feature is activated by landing six or more Gold Coin Symbols anywhere on the reels. These coins then become sticky, and the reels re-spin, offering a chance to collect more Gold Coins. The feature continues until no new Gold Coins appear or the reels are filled, potentially leading to the Golden Prize.